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Altenberg Cathedral

The "Bergischer Dom"

The world-famous Altenberg Cathedral, often also called the "Bergischer Dom", is the church of the former Cistercian abbey Altenberg (1133 - 1803) and today the parish church of the Cath. Parish of the Assumption of Mary, Altenberg.

The church was built according to French models (1259-1379) as a topless transept basilica with ambulatory and chapel wreath. After a fire in 1815, reconstruction took place from 1833 to 1847. Since 1857, it has been shared by Protestant Christians on the orders of the Prussian King.

Altenberg is a district of Odenthal, between Bergisch Gladbach and Leverkusen, North Rhine-Westfalia, and is situated about 20 km northeast of Cologne on the Dhünn, a tributary of the Wupper. Distance to the PHÖNIX is about 65 km.

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Opening hours:

Altenberg Cathedral is open daily from 08:00 - 18: 00.

A visit is possible during the day without a guide, but we ask you to respect the dignity of the place and to avoid talking loudly and not to disturb prayers.

On Sunday, you can combine your visit with a church service or the Altenberg Cathedral music. We recommend the holy Catholic mass or the Protestant service. During your visit, please note that during a church service or a musical event, going around the cathedral is not desired. The service times can be found here.



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