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Erzquell brewery, Wiehl

Brewery tour in Bielstein

Are you interested in an on-site visit? Visit the modern brewery in Wiehl-Bielstein. Experience the production of beer specialities of the Erzquell brewery first hand.

Skilled employees accompany you through all stages of production from the brewhouse to bottling. Afterwards, you have enough opportunity to taste the brewery's beer specialities with a small snack in the brewery.

The entrance fee includes a guided tour through the company as well as a snack and tasting of the beer specialities and non-alcoholic products of Erzquell to your heart's content. Payment must be made in advance. You will receive an invoice with acknowledgement of receipt as a document.

The minimum number of participants for a brewery tour is eight. Persons over 16 years of age can take part.

An optional additional offer: The "beer connoisseur seminar".

Would you like to become a real "beer connoisseur"? During the evening tour, you can get to know beer and its production process even better! One of the brewmasters will guide you through the history of beer for about 1 1/2 hours in an entertaining, exciting and informative way, and will introduce you to the secrets of the art of brewing and give you practical tips on how to handle beer. Afterwards, all participants will receive the official "beer connoisseur diploma" and will, of course, be invited to carry on with snacks and tasting in the cosy brewhouse of the Erzquell brewery.

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