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General hiking recommendations

General hiking recommendations

Hiking and recreation in the Bergisches Land region

Hills and meadows that continuously alternate with fields, foliage and spruce forests, as well as dams and the many villages, the hamlets and farmsteads characterise the largest part of the Oberbergische Kreis.

It is no coincidence that the Oberbergische Kreis as a whole is part of the Bergisches Land Nature Park. Especially the rapid change in the landscape offers hikers new and unique impressions all the time. Despite all variety, viewers can relax in the harmonious landscape.

The many vantage points and lookout towers guarantee that hikers will not lose sight of the 1,500 km of hiking trails. They offer not only a great view of the Oberbergisches Land region but also a view of the tops of the Cologne Cathedral and the Siebengebirge hills towards the Rhine plain that is situated lower.

Hiking trails to the dams invite you for walks; they can also be the starting point for hiking tours up into the deepest, quietest forests. At the many resting spots for hikers, you will find suggestions on how to discover the Oberbergisches Land region "on foot" or "by bike" for a shorter or longer period of time.

The Oberbergisches Land region offers adventure in the open countryside at any time of the year and day and for any age group. Wary eyes, the willingness to set out into the harmonious surroundings with a grown landscape guarantee that you will forget the monotony of everyday life and look forward to your next working day with satisfaction and relaxation.

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