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Monkey and Bird Park, Eckenhagen

Nature and playing experience within its colourful diversity

On the edge of the quiet climatic health resort of Reichshof Eckenhagen near Gummersbach, lies the "Monkey and Bird Park", a leisure paradise covering 80,000 square metres. There are over 180 different species of animals, a petting zoo, an indoor hall, a garden café, barbecue huts and a lot of playing equipment for the kids...

The indoor hall
The indoor leisure hall is open throughout the year and is an oasis in any weather. Here, young people and the young at heart can really enjoy themselves, while the others can treat themselves to a cup of tea or coffee. A climbing wall, two massage chairs, a round swing, bouncy castle, ball pool, merry-go-round, magic disc, trampoline, kids trampoline, shooting gallery, Comet, scooter, speedway roller slide, kiddy-Bob, and air hockey are offered.

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