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Hiking, relaxing, enjoying

If you prefer to spend your freetime actively - explore the Bergisch region on an e-bike

Starting at: 265.50 EUR

Get out of everyday life and unwind a little.

Starting at: 329.50 EUR

explore the Bergisches Land with our e-bikes

Starting at: 158.50 EUR

Short e-bike getaway with that certain something - as a complete package


Starting at: 196.50 EUR

Historic cities, green fields, dense mixed forests, sparkling lakes, museums, dripstone caves - you can experience all this and much more up close in the Bergisches Land.

Starting at: 128.50 EUR

Explore the Bergisches Land for 4 days - this leaves a little more time to enjoy the nature.

Starting at: 231.- EUR

For everyone who wants to discover even more - and who can take 5 days to explore all facets of the Bergisches Land.

Starting at: 304.- EUR

Would you like to discover the hiking trails in the Bergisches Land?

Starting at: 169.- EUR