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Aggertal cave, Ründeroth

Aggertal cave, Ründeroth

that here, where the green hills of the Oberbergisches Land region extend today, the conditions that were prevalent about 350 to 390 million years ago were as they are today in the South Seas or in the Caribbean?

... and that you can discover and look at witnesses of the time that have now become fossilised?

Most of Europe was covered in a tropical ocean, and there were coral reefs with a very diverse wildlife. The Aggertal cave is the longest cave in the Rhineland with a total length of 1071 m. The total difference in height is 31 metres in the cave. It is located on a reef limestone train of Hobräcker layers, which belong to the lower middle Devonian era.

The path itself has a length of 270 m with a difference in height of about 10 m and is easy to walk on. There are no steep and difficult descents and ascents. Parts of the path can also be accessed with a wheelchair. The entire path is illuminated.

The temperature in the cave is 6-8°C all year round. This must be taken into account especially in the warm summer months. So bring warm and durable outdoor clothing and sturdy shoes for a visit to the cave.
Our tip: Book a guided tour for your group with a musical finale.

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